killzone: shadow fall

Douglas Ladore, a man residing in California is suing Sony for over $5 million for allegedly falsely advertising Killzone’s multiplayer mode when Sony marketed and displayed on the box that both the single-player and the multiplayer had 1080p and 60fps natively.

“Unfortunately, Sony’s marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction,” Ladore stated.  It later came to light that the game uses a technique called “temporal reproduction” to boost the image to 1080p from a lower resolutions source render.

Guerilla Games, the developer of Killzone were quick to issue a response explaining this technique. “Temporal reprojection is a technique that tracks the position of pixels over time and predicts where they will be in future. These ‘history pixels’ are combined with freshly rendered pixels to form a higher-resolution new frame. This is what Killzone Shadow Fall uses in multiplayer.”

Ladore argues that this, by definition is not native 1080p but a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide subjectively similar results, because of this he’s suing negligent misrepresentation, false advertising, unfair competition, and fraud in the inducement, and is seeking damages as high as $5 million.

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