Beat-em-up genius and co-creator of the Mortal Kombat series, Ed Boon, introduces the fighting styles of thunder-god, Raiden, in a new docu-trailer from NetherRealm Studios. The electrifying protector of Earthrealm has a few shocking tricks up his sleeve too…

Each kombatant in the new game will feature multiple fighting styles, retaining most basic and special moves, while giving each fighter a couple of added extras when you select each variation of your favourite murderer before a match.

In Raiden’s case, he has access to the powerful Thunder God style, incorporating his trademark lightning attacks and combos to do ultimate damage. His Displacer style utilises Raiden’s ability to teleport around an arena like Nightcrawler with hiccups, allowing him to quickly move in, get a few flashy jabs off then get back out of there like Ross Kemp in a sticky situation.

Finally, the almighty god of scaring dogs and women, has a Storm Lord style, using traps to stop the opposition in their tracks. You can aim these traps in a directional context and when two are placed, they’re connected by an electric field that can stun your enemies.

Hopefully, each of these will be helpful to fighting gamers who tend to need a bit of a change-up when playing online, particularly when there’s a bothersome opponent online and one style doesn’t quite cut the mustard. You can be assured that there will be a few ball-bags spamming missile moves that deserve to have their eyes popped like a couple of weasels in a well-known nursery rhyme.


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