The Yakuza games are SEGA’s baby in Japan, coming out on a yearly basis and raking in all of that delicious money, so it’s no surprise that they’ve announced on the 24th of August, a new one is going to be revealed.

While Japan have seen Yakuza 5, HD remakes on the Wii U and the Meiji-era spin off, the West hasn’t seen anything from the series since  the vastly disappointing Dead Souls. I’m going to guess right now, that SEGA will also announce after being hounded by people like me – who absolutely adore the series – that there are no plans to translate it.

But if there are plans, it can be expected that we’ll need 5 to be translated too, just to understand where the story is at. This and SEGA’s track record of not bringing over games to the West or leaving us in some weird limbo – Phantasy Star Online 2 – pretty much place my hopes in the bin and set it on fire.

Though, SEGA did buy Atlus, who do have a pretty good track record of bringing games over (maybe not specifically to the EU, but they get English translations done in a timely manner) and could potentially set them on the task? But what do I know about the inner workings of a massive corporate company? Let alone a video game company, because you kind of have to drop logic at the door in that case.

The next Yakuza game is apparently going to be set back in the modern day and is going to be released on both PS3 and PS4, much like the spin off entry.

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