Ninja Theory may be busy developing Hellblade, but they still had time to give us insight into a game that didn’t quite made the cut. Titled Razer, this game was canned before it ever made the light of day. According to Ninja Theory’s blog post Razer was set to be a mixture of DmC and Vanquish – in terms of combat, and would have become an epic, grand-scale sci-fi MMO for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s a shame it got canned really, as it sounds awesome.

“Razer was a game that was to bring all these elements together into an epic massively co-op sci-fi adventure. It involved the idea that a huge alien creature had enveloped our planet. It would take thousands of players months if not years to coordinate guerrilla-warfare on a massive scale to kill this beast,” explained Ninja Theory on their blog. In short, Razer could have been one of the biggest co-operative titles to land on current-gen consoles and likely on PC too.

Razer would have consisted of millions of mech-wearing players collectively battling it out against a beast so large it spanned the entire planet. Sounds cool, huh?

“The Beast is biological in nature, having nerves, organs, brains, glands and cells that span the planet representing millions of missions,” the developer explained The Independent AAA Proposition. “It is a persistent living AI organism that lives in the cloud constantly growing, mutating and adapting to the Razer’s strategies.”

Below is some previously unseen concept art for the game and above is a gamplay video showing you some examples of what you could have found in the game if it ever got the green light. For more images and a more in-depth explanation about Razer, head to the source link below.

razer3 razer 2 razer1

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This game looks really interesting. I wonder what went wrong.