Nokia’s feature rich and intuitive mapping application, HERE Maps, will be coming to Android for the first time ever – thanks to a partnership between the Finnish firm and Asian giants Samsung.

The partnership between the two mobile giants will be giving Samsung users exclusive access to a beta for a Here app, which will include the map and drive functionality, which is actually split into two separate entities on the app’s native Windows Phone platform.

Hoping to muscle in to Google Maps’ home turf Nokia’s HERE app may have enough features to turn some heads when it’s released to Samsung users.

One aspect that will undoubtedly appeal to many users is HERE’s offline functionality, which allows users to download maps of entire countries and navigate when a strong data connection is hard to come by – this is a great way to save data as well, with the downloaded maps not demanding a large amount of storage space.

Alongside this is HERE’s ‘Glympse’ feature, which allows a fast and safe way to share your location with a trusted friend or family member, at the touch of a button.

NOKIA HereThere are also some functions that will ensure it keeps up with Google Maps, with its own ‘find my car’ feature and a large plethora of local attractions and businesses to ensure that users can get the same experience from HERE as they do with Google Maps.

Just how many Samsung smartphones will receive HERE remains to be seen, the S5 was specifically named, but it does seem that Nokia is keen to utilise Samsung’s latest smartwatch, as the Samsung Gear S will also get the HERE treatment; this could allow for seamless navigation instructions between a Samsung smartphone and one of the company’s smartwatches.

Details around a release date are slightly hazy, with this being linked directly to the release of Samsung Galaxy Gear S, for which there is no nailed on market release date yet.

Any Samsung users out there that will be taking advantage of the HERE app when it’s released? Let us know in the comments section below!

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