You’d have thought that a side-scrolling skate ’em up game would be a bit pants, at least that’s what I thought anyway, and oh boy was I wrong. OlliOlli is a fantastic title from Roll7 which landed on the PS Vita in January this year and totally won our hearts with its mix of side-scrolling action, and quick finger reactions. All of which are perfect executed in a wonderfully diverse pixelated world.

OlliOlli is a side-scrolling platformer where you control a rather robust skateboarding chappy. You use a combination of the left thumbstick and the X button to land perfectly executed tricks which can be performed using different flicks of the thumb stick similar to the way you do tricks in Skate. There’s the added challenge however as you must time the X button right to land perfectly, otherwise you’ll fuck up, big time. The game was awesome on the Vita and I can imagine it’s every bit as awesome on the big-screen.

OlliOlli for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 supports cross buy and cross save meaning that if you’re already acing the levels on the Vita, you’ll be able to continue your gnarly run on consoles too! So what are you waiting for? Boot up your PlayStation and get flicking.

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