You know how I liked Dragon Ball Z in my own special way? How it consumed my teen years mostly because I was nerdy kid who was no good with girls. Well during these golden years my friend got into a thing called Naurto Shippuden, at first glance my perception was, “OK so it’s like a Super Sayian, whose a ninja with weird impractical shoes.” Of course after all the Dragon Ball Z dried up I got curious and tried a couple of episodes, it sadly got sidelined by my next obsession, Fullmetal Alchemist.

So after never really paying attention to the franchise except for bits I saw on internet forums and a friend who explained the plot to me outside a kebab shop  it went un-viewed. I was mostly put off by the lengthy manga and anime run and my understanding that manga aren’t like Western comics which have jumping on points for new readers or viewers. But of course I remembered how the Dragon Ball Z movies were a jumping on point for me with their standalone stories, they were a great distraction before Dragon Ball Kai.

So whilst I was scouring the DVD section of HMV I discovered a cheap Naruto DVD, which I purchased, Of course, but whilst I was thinking about it. I have these thoughts to share with you:

The story, follows Naurto and what I guess is a collection of secondary characters which don’t affect the two story arcs the movie is set between protecting a priestess who has the powers to free an evil demons body… by taking her to the place where she can free him..

Unlike the Dragon Ball Z movies these franchise spends most of its time building a world of characters, and explaining a whole new story, this of course makes the fight scenes quite spaced out – though they are pretty good to watch and quite engaging. Though one thing struck me as odd, Naruto isn’t really the hero of the story, he doesn’t defeat most of the bad guys, the priestess beats the bad guy ultimately as well.

Is this normal for the franchise or just a one off? As a newbie to the Naruto world, let me know in the comments!

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Naruto is about a kid trying to become hokage. So he has to train to get there. He doesn’t do so well, but as the series goes from naruto to naruto shippuden he becomes better and better until he surpasses the hokage role. The creator of the manga doesn’t make just naruto the hero. He goes with sasuke too and other characters,which is why I like kishimoto. He shows the lessons that people learn and how they get stronger from learning from these lessons.

Josh Francis
Josh Francis

I knew that and that’s a great hook for the franchise. I was just surprised with the role that the titular character had.