2K’s China studio is currently working on a port for the original Bioshock game, to bring it to the iOS platform. From screenshots, the game seems to be scaled way down to compensate for various restrictions that Apple have in place on iOS, with graphics and lighting making the original game look that much older.

What we can tell is that it’s going to also utilise touch controls, which seems like it could be more bothersome than anything. Laying over the screen a bunch of new elements for me to control the game with, while covering up the game with both my thumbs and these new icons, seems like a recipe for disaster. But there’s also word that it’ll have controller support which would definitely make it a lot less awkward with the smaller screen on the iPhone 5S.

The seven year old game will carry a higher price tag than other games on the App Store, but as Engadget reports, the premium price could be on the lower end of what developers and publishers consider ‘premium’ because “it is a seven year old game.”

Bioshock on iOS releases this Summer and will require a newer iOS device.


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