I finally got around to firing up the P.T. demo on my PS4 last night and after all the frantic scrabbling for news, a four-hour gaming session and trying to keep my head in the realms of sanity, I came back from Silent Hill with a pile of screenshots.

One word of warning to those who haven’t managed to delve into the psychologically draining demo, don’t play it when you’re tired. I ended up placing my controller carefully as my head swam with red, fuzzy corridors, visions of swinging refrigerators and the sound of crying babies and moaning women in my head… Or maybe that was just my partner complaining that I spent so much time on the PS4.

I seriously wish I had played it on its initial announcement though, as a Silent Hill fan, I would probably have guessed that P.T. was part of the creepy universe. The very first thing you notice is the triangular placement of three circles as the game loads up, a reference to the Halo of the Sun, that crops up as a religious symbol for the cult that frequent the series.

Red_Halo_Wallpaper (1)

Again, the references are rife within the demo. The radio on a sideboard in the hallway, sputtering white noise. The story when you enter the corridor you seem to be trapped in forever that comes from an alarm clock is the perfect example of a Silent Hill anti-hero’s tale. Some unpunished crime that Silent Hill must rectify.

Reference to Silent Hill 4: The Room popped into my mind as I finally got access to the bathroom, seemingly where most of the violence in the house took place. Peering at the hole above the bath, you sometimes catch a glimpse of movement… Was that an eye?

The puzzles can be a bit obtuse, including finding parts of a picture in peculiar places that reveal a message and a clue. Listening for audio cues and heading to a specific area to trigger an event felt random, such as a bell tolling in the distance, then a woman crying, getting louder as you near the bathroom and louder still when you enter and look into the mirror…

I’ve tried not to spoil any of the surprises in the screenshots, just a teaser at just how good the game looks and seriously, these captures do not do it justice.

Everyone knows the gubbins about Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro teaming up to pen the story. Everyone knows that Norman Reedus will probably be playing the leading man but will Silent Hills be a reference to the fact that there may be more than one story to follow and there might be more high profile actors to come? The plural of Hills seems to indicate that to me personally.

Anyway, have a look at the screenshots below, then you can hopefully give us some input on your experience with the demo, point out things I may have missed and give your views on the story in the comments box below.



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