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Update: So yesterday I seemed to have jumped the gun a little bit accusing Phil Fish of once again being a moron who decided to go on another Twitter rampage, deleting his account and saying that he’s selling his development studio Polytron and the FEZ IP. Last night it came to light the real reason behind Fish’s rash decision to sell up and get out of the gaming biz for good this time: his account was hacked and a ton of his personal information was leaked out.

The reason for the leak was mostly because of his outspoken support for Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn who before yesterday’s events had also had information leaked out and Twitter and DropBox accounts hacked. Following yesterday’s events Fish announced that he was done for good and that Polytron was up for sale along with the FEZ IP to anyone with a reasonable offer. Since then the Polytron Twitter account has been suspended and the developers website is under maintenance though it seems unlikely that it’ll ever go back up.

Now, I’m certainly not defending the fella, because I, along with many, still have a strong disliking for Fish, but I certainly don’t condone the actions done to him yesterday. It isn’t right, but hey, there are some horrible people out there.

Original Story: Ah Phil Fish, he really doesn’t help himself does he? Every time I see his name in the headlines I already know that he’s probably done or said something stupid, and here we are, twice in one week. Fish, you’re spoiling us. This time the cosmic fool has gone and offered out his development studio Polytron up for sale including the FEZ IP, as well as announcing that he’s cancelling all unannounced projects and then quits Twitter once again.

The drama began last night as Fish’s return from earlier in the week was met with nothing more than negativity which was then made worse by him saying that we “don’t deserve” FEZ II a game that the developer had in development, then soon cancelled after another one of Fish’s childish fits. Of course the ever controversial Fish couldn’t keep his mouth shut for too long as he jumped on the ongoing drama surrounding Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn, and it seems the fallout from this move has pushed him a little too far (though I think a strong gust of wind could push this bag of hot air over the edge at any point).

The developer proclaimed on his Twitter account, which has once again been deactivated, that Polytron and the FEZ IP was for sale saying that “no reasonable offer will be refused”. Whether he’s being serious or not remains to be seen, but I’m sure he’ll be back on Twitter soon enough sharing his vile opinionated rants at anyone who’ll listen.

With all of this, I feel awful for the developers of Panoramical, which is, or was, the first game that was supposedly meant to be marketed by Polytron’s publishing (but not a publisher!!!1!) arm, Polytron Partners, since the announcement in June no other information has surfaced, and with Fish currently in his room throwing a tantrum again, information is probably never going to arrive.

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You need to fuck off. Don't call him a moron he speaks his mind, and if you don't like that sorry. Let him have his opinions, so FUCK OFF. More and more people (not as of recent) are jumping on this bandwagon, and using him as a scapegoat.