EA is currently letting PC players play Battlefield 4 for an entire week, absolutely free. That’s 168 hours of Battlefield 4 play time that you could have, and no you won’t miss out on those precious hours if you download it late, as soon as you start the game the 168 hour countdown will begin in real time, so what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go download Battlefield 4!

Still here? Fine. Here’s some details.

Battlefield 4 is currently a part of Origin’s Game Time program which previously allowed players to play Titanfall for free. The free trial according to EA, will give players access to the full game, so the whole single-player campaign and 64-player online multiplayer will be available to everyone. A perfect excuse for you to see how the game is doing but are reluctant to shell out the fourty-odd-quid to purchase the full game.

Battlefield 4 will be available to download and try for free until August 14 at 10 am PT.

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