A new app that helps find video game bargains is the latest product to be released by Razer available for Windows PC.

Razer specialises in gaming hardware like computer mice, keyboards, earphones and controllers and has created Cortex to be an all-round accessory for any Gamer. The free app will search through Amazon, GameStop, GamerGate, Origin, GOG.com Green Man Gaming and Steam to find the best deal on games and is expected to add more stores to the list at a later date. To make sure that the app stays up to date, it updates the prices every hour.

Even though this deal finder app would have been great just as that, Razer Cortex does much more. The app allows you to improve your PC performance in-game, record and then share on Facebook and YouTube and it also backs up saved games to a cloud storage device. It will also optimize your PC settings to get the best out of your gaming experience and speeds up your loading times

Razer Cortex is expected to be released around September 10 after a 2 week early access trial which can be signed up for on their website.

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