Dragon Quest X

Uh oh. Someone at Square Enix is about to get the sack.

Square Enix today launched the mobile version of Dragon Quest onto iOS this afternoon, or at least that’s what they thought they did, instead someone missed a typo and uploaded Dargon Quest instead. The news here should have really been about Square Enix porting Dragon Quest 4 to the New Zealand app store, and will be available elsewhere tomorrow, but nope, Square Enix did a whoopsie and instead launched Dargon Quest. Huehuehue.

Of course, the Internet soon picked up on the mistake and have since created the #DargonQuestMyGame Twitter meme which has sparked some corkers. Dargon Quest.. or should I really say, Dragon Quest is expected to launch tomorrow for $18.99 (sadly that isn’t a typo), lets hope they’ve sorted the mistake out by then as at the time of writing, the typo is still present, even in the URL.


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