Earlier today Ngan Nguyen, Community Manager at Creative Assembly took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal more details about the game’s Survival Mode as well as detailing the season pass that players can purchase along side the game at launch which will give them access to all five add-on packs with up to a 25% discount.

When Creative Assembly takes Alien Isolation to events such as E3 and PAX, the game that attendees play isn’t the main campaign, what they actually experience is the games Surival Mode which throws players into a time-based challenge of escaping a level — and the Alien — in the fastest time possible. “For many, the challenge proved too frightening. Some met the challenge to survive and complete the level,” explained Nguyen. “All experienced the thrill of facing the universe’s deadliest killer — one-to-one.”

Survival Mode is you vs. the Alien in a heart racing time trial to find limited resources on the ship to complete objectives and escape, oh and avoiding the Alien.

When Alien Isolation launches on October 7, those brave enough to face the challenge can experience the first map of Survivor Mode — Basement. But if that’s not enough for you, Creative Assembly have six more add-on packs for you to soil your knickers to.

“On October 28th, the first of five Survivor Mode add-on packs will be available to purchase, featuring three new maps. Each map has its own set objective, challenges, a variety of enemy types to deal with, and a new playable character to discover — plenty to sink your teeth in to,” Nguyen announced. “There will be more add-on packs to explore across the following month, and if you’re keen to sharpen those survival instincts, then don’t miss out on our Season Pass. The pass will give you access to all five Survivor Mode add-on packs, with up to a 25% discount!”

So there you have it, if the campaign alone doesn’t scare you silly, Survival Mode will, and if that isn’t enough, there’s five more add-on packs to hopefully get your heart racing, or send you into hospital with a heart attack. Your call!

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