Ubisoft have announced invites for the PS4 and Xbox One Beta of The Crew will start being sent out later on today (September 30th 2014). Anyone wanting to get involved should head over to the games official web site and sign in with a uplay account. (Sorry anyone that doesn’t like having any other accounts.)

In The Crew, America is your playground, players can drive from the Pacific to the Atlantic and stop off at all the major landmarks on the way. For those hoping that they’ll be able to take their progress over to the full game when it launches unfortunately will be disappointed as The Crew Creative Director Julian Gerighty confirmed the news saying, “I don’t think so, no, [progress won’t be saved]…This is the thing, all of our betas so far have been technical betas. They are not marketing betas. They are not there for anything else except for learning how we can make the experience better when we launch.”

The Crew is currently set for release on the 11th of November for the PC, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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