Driveclub, the next-generation racing game for PlayStation 4 by Evolution Studios, has a pretty big DLC release schedule which is set to give you new content from the games launch on October 8 all the way until June 2015. These DLC packs are set to offer you new cars, new tracks, new liveries, and more in an effort to keep the game new and fresh all year round.

The news comes via the PlayStation Blog where Evolition Studios’ Jamie Brayshaw wrote, “We are determined to build up a lively community of millions of connected racers around you, so our post-launch development will be influenced by what you do in the game and the feedback you share with us. New content, improvements and updates will all be shaped by you and everyone you play with. And of course, we’re going to do our best to keep surprising you with our own creativity too!”

According to Brayshaw the team is working around the clock to bring new improvements to the game already one of which is the highly requested a customisable weather system and Photo Mode. “And even though we’ve already got 55 routes over 25 tracks in the game, we’ll be bringing you more new tracks to enjoy and all of them will be free,” Brayshaw also noted.

So what will you be getting over the next nine months? Well for Season Pass holders you’ll be getting Car Packs, Tour Packs, and Livery packs, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Season Passes, Evolution Studio also plan to release a ton of free content over the next nine months too with each week bringing you either a new car to drive or a new track to race around or both! For the full run-down of what you’ll receive check out the infographic that Evolution has made for you below.

Driveclub launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 8.


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