Remember the World Cup? That was a fun summer, eh? Do you also remember that fateful match between Uruguay and Italy where striker Luis Suarez decided to have lunch early and took a chunk out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini? Well following that match Suarez was banned from “all football activities” by governing body FIFA until the end of October and it seems that ban also applies to FIFA 15. They don’t call it “one of the best” for no reason y’know!

Right now on FIFA 15 if you’re to search the transfer market on Ultimate Team you’ll find no results for Suarez, and for those who decide to take charge of Barcelona, the team that Suarez signed to this summer, you’ll quickly receive an email from the chief executive stating that Suarez is suspended and unavailable for selection until October 26.

I guess that’s what you get when you decide to take a bite to eat from your favourite Italian during a football match.

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