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Coor Blimey, EA have revealed some impressive numbers for their latest instalment to the FIFA football franchise but they’re not quite what you’d expect. Yesterday following the launch of FIFA 15 in the US, EA announced that the FIFA 15 demo, that’s been available to download for a few weeks now, has been played by 5.5 million players.

EA have revealed that the FIFA 15 demo has been played by 5.5 million players, a new record for any EA Sports demo, ever, according to EA. The FIFA 15 demo launched earlier this month and allowed players to access a select number of teams such as Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea, PSG, Dortmund, Napoli, Man City, and Boca Juniors. The demo also allowed access to the Ultimate Team mode giving players a small selection of pre-made squads to play with.

5.5 million players is no mean feat, and with FIFA 15 yet to launch in the UK you can expect to see FIFA sit at the top of the charts once again for a number of weeks. So much so that FIFA 15 is a bookies favourite for Christmas number one. Though there are some pretty big releases still set to launch this year, can we really see FIFA 15 stay on top for 13 weeks? It’s unlikely, but the last-minute Christmas rush may put FIFA 15 ahead of the crowd once again.

Wait.. 13 weeks until Christmas? Shit.

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