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FIFA 15 launches today in the UK and many football fans and gamers alike are sporting bleary eyes after spending most of the early hours of the morning playing their new purchase. Those that have already sunk a few hours into the game will notice just how much more the players look like their real life counterparts and play like them too. Those who purchased the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also notice how much these details have been improved thanks to EA Sports access to hundreds of the footballers in England’s top division, but there are some people out there who aren’t fans of certain parts of the games, the footballers themselves.

According to the Daily Star (of all publications), some of the nations best footballers, including the FIFA 14 cover star Chelsea’s Eden Hazard had something to say about his portrayal in the game most of which seem to be a case of an inflated ego as they’re all a little miffed that their stats in the game have been nerfed slightly.. in their own opinions anyway.

“You’ve got to do your research,” said ex-Manchester United and now QPR defender Rio Ferdinand. “Can you please put the right stats on the Man Utd players and also, now I’m at QPR, can you elevate their stats to the right level. I don’t know who’s doing the stats at head quarters but if you want me to come down there and talk to you properly face to face I’ll do that.” That’s right, he’s having a whinge about his stats, in what is essentially a fantasy football game.

Ferdinand isn’t alone either as Manchester City’s Samir Nasri also had a bone to pick in regards to his stats. “I’m not quite happy with my speed in the game,” he said. “Especially because I play on the wing. I am quite a bit quicker than I am in the game. I’m only rated 81 or 82 (out of 100). It’s not enough.”

To top that all off, the cover star alongside Lionel Messi, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, had this to say “I need to be taller by about three or five centimetres,” he complained.

You’re kidding me, right?

Thankfully the comments were made before the final statistics were put into place and character models were rendered so hopefully the developers at EA listened to the footballer’s complaints.

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