goat simulator

Hey, remember that Goat Simulator was set to land on Android and iOS in the near future? Well call me Marty McFly because the future is now, and Goat Simulator is now available in handheld form on your Android or iOS device, or if you’re feeling generous, on BOTH – Woaah!

Goat Simulator is the game that was never meant to be. It was first created as part of a GameJam by Coffee Stain Studios, but as soon as footage hit the Internet, everyone wanted a slice of the goat action, I’m not kidding around here. Coffee Stain Studios then took to developing the game into something more, but leaving all of the hilarious bugs behind, and released the title on PC on April 1. Since then the game has received several updates introducing new maps and local multiplayer play. But that wasn’t all.

Now we’ve got the mobile edition of Goat Simulator where you can now wreak havoc in the goat-filled world on the go. Of course, without a keyboard or controller present, Coffee Stain had to add mobile controls to the game. You move the goat around with a virtual stick as you’d expect, tapping on-screen buttons to jump, headbutt, or grab an object with its tongue. Of course the most fun is had running around causing mayhem.

Goat Simulator is available now for Android and iOS for £2.99

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