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Let’s face it, in this day and age fifteen minutes isn’t enough to judge whether a game or app is any good or not, but for some time that was the refund window that Google Play had set just in case you weren’t happy with your purchase. Thankfully they’ve changed it to two hours so you need not worry about missing that refund window.

If you’re an avid mobile gamer, you’ll know that most games have a pretty length tutorial explaining the games mechanics which often last a long time before you can actually get your teeth into the game, so usually fifteen minutes was pushing it a bit if you thought the game was crap. The same goes for apps, you need to get a decent amount of use out of it before you realise that it’s maybe not quite the app you were looking for. Thankfully Google Play has changed the refund window to two hours.

For me, two hours is plenty of time for me to get enough out of a game or app to judge whether it’s pants or not. I don’t take app purchases lightly either, especially when some games are expecting me to shell out £5 for the experience, so knowing that I can get enough meat out of the game before I can truly give a verdict makes me a little happier to splash the cash.

As always the same rules apply here, you have 120 minutes from when you first install the app or game to see whether it’s worth your dollar. If you’re unhappy with the purchase you can get a refund as long as you’re still within that two hour window, if you miss it, the Refund button will be replaced with the Uninstall button and you’re stuck with your purchase. If you do get a refund, remember you can’t do it for the same item again, so if you decide you really did want that game or app, but then hate it again, then sadly you’re stuck with it.

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