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Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the PlayStation 4 hit Killzone: Shadow Fall are working on a brand new IP, that’s something we know for sure, but other than that details are pretty thin. We may have some more news surrounding the title thanks to Chinese forum A9VG who have apparently got hold of two concept images for the new PlayStation 4 IP which is codenamed ‘Horizon.’

The concept images, if they are accurate, don’t reveal too much about the games plot, but what we do see is gigantic robot dinosaurs in a battle against warriors brandishing bows, handguns, and axes. There’s also a red headed protagonist which has also been rumoured to appear in Guerilla’s new IP. The second leaked concept image also shows more robotic dino’s in a lush forest environment. What we can take from the images is that they look insane, imagine a huge open world filled with robotic dinosaurs and your mission is to take them down one arrow at a time.

So far no one from Sony or Guerrilla Games have verified the legitimacy of the images, but the A9VG forum poster promises that more information is to come to stay tuned for that.

You can check out the concept images below. What do you think of them? Does it look like the sort of game you’ll get into? Let us know in the comments!

guerrilla-games-horizon-art-1 guerrilla-games-horizon-art-2

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