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The Xbox One is finally on sale in China following a short delay and for those wondering whether the console would get the same reception as it did in Japan, it was actually good news for Microsoft as there were actual queues for the console! Huzzah! This is something we all didn’t think would happen considering the country has had a ban on foreign consoles for the past 14 years, but nope, it seems gamers in China are keen to get their hands on Microsoft’s console.

Today marks the day that the Xbox One goes on sale in China making it the first console to officially launch in the country since they lifted the 14 year foreign console ban. Some of us here at n3 thought the console would get the same reception as it did in Japan with midnight launch queues being more populated by traffic cones than people themselves, but we were wrong, stores were actually busy and had queues!

The release of the Xbox One in China was originally set for release for last Tuesday but Microsoft decided to delay the release by six days. The company also had a launch party set up which also got cancelled due to bad weather and Microsoft revealed no other plans for another bash. Despite the lack of plans on Microsoft’s part, their retail partner, Sunning electronics, held midnight launches across a number of its stores located in most of China’s major cities and a fair few people turned up!

Here’s a video of of the midnight launch in Shanghai.

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