Here are n3rdabl3 we are always looking for new great apps and inventions that are available. We were recently able to talk with Ryan Cooke from Phase a new app that will help gamers come together for multiplayer games including the recently released Destiny which offers massive raids which require you to join up to five friends who also own the game. But what if you don’t have five friends? Well Phase is the answer.

What is your role within the company?

“I’m the CEO and Co-Founder. I do everything ranging from helping people find out about the app to the programming.”

What exactly is Phase?

“Phase is a mobile app with a simple goal: making it easier to play games with others. Users create and join game lobbies for a game, time, and platform of their choosing. With our current user base, Phase has become one of the go-to tools for scheduling Destiny groups for both existing content and the new Vault of Glass raid.”

Where did the idea for Phase come from?

“In high school I made a lot of great friendships founded on playing video games with each other. We have stuck together through college and into the working world, but once you leave school it becomes much harder to schedule free time for old friends and to make new gaming friends. Everyone has their own obligations and coordinating with them individually is a nightmare.

“We built Phase to solve that problem.”Phase

What are the future plans for the app? Will I be able to get it on iOS or for my desktop?

“There are a lot of big plans in the works for the future of Phase. We plan to expand into a lot of new games markets and meet the needs of as many gamers as possible. Smart availability that can sync with your calendar or work schedule will let users quickly see which of their friends are available to play. We’re also looking at local game support that lets players find games and make new friends in their immediate area.

“This feature is very exciting to us because it lets us help not just the video game market but also activities that require meeting up with others like board games and pick-up sports. There is also potential for Phase to sync up with your existing networks such as Xbox Live, Facebook, Steam, and Playstation Network to let you know what your friends are already playing and even send them invites directly through Phase.

“An iOS version is on our product map in the next month or two, and we already have a limited web app version of Phase that can be accessed on your desktop or iPhone. The web app will see its feature set expanded in the near future.”

What games are you looking forward to over the next couple months?

“For me personally it has to be Super Smash Bros. I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl competitively and am excited to try out the new game.  As a company we’re also very excited about Super Smash Bros. releases as Phase can help immensely with that kind of game since a large portion of its user base plays locally. Driveclub and The Crew are both new racing IPs with a heavy focus on multiplayer and playing with friends. Assasin’s Creed Unity and FarCry 4 are new entries in some really big franchises that are moving towards a much heavier multiplayer component than previous instalments. Phase is a great app for anyone playing those games to connect with existing friends and or make new ones so they don’t have to play by themselves.”

So there you have it, if you love multiplayer gaming, but struggle to organise online matches with friends Phase will allow you to make new ones who are free when you are. The latest version of Phase is now available on the Play Store, download it now and hop into your favourite mutliplayer match, who knows, you may bump into one of us in the future!

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