The latest trailer for Driveclub is a live action affair, but instead of seeing real live versions of the cars featured in the game roaring around iconic tracks, picturesque streets, and gorgeous curvy landscapes, we have a case of mistaken identity as some unfortunate sod with a clapped out Vauxhall Nova decided to lock his car at the exact same time as the Ferrari which pulls up next to it. Let’s just say, the trailer is a bit silly.

Driveclub is the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive that has me eyeing up one of Sony’s consoles every time I see new footage or read more information on the game. It’s been in development for some time and has suffered a handful of delays, but thankfully Sony and Evolution Studios settled on an October 8 release. That’s right, in two weeks time.

Will you be grabbing Driveclub? If you are, can I come and play it too?

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