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Microsoft have recently revealed that they’ll be holding a press event on September 30 (that’s tomorrow) where we’re expecting the company to announce the next generation Windows operating system popularly known at the moment as Windows 9. Little detail has surfaced about the OS officially, but rumours have been circulating pretty heavily as well as some leaked screen shots which show the new UI, the return of the Start Button, and a more flat, metro-inspired theme. One of the main rumours is that Windows 9 will be offered to Windows 8 users for free, and it seems that particular rumour has now been confirmed.

The news comes from Indonesian news portal Detik, who report that Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 9 completely free of charge and they also have a pretty solid source to confirm this news too as Microsoft Indonesia president Andreas Diantoro said so in Jakarta Thursday. As for how much Windows 9 will cost for those without Windows 8, no details have been revealed just yet, but stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for more news from Microsoft’s event tomorrow.

At the moment Windows 9 is currently going through developer testing and at the event there has been suggestions that attendees will get access to the developer preview, as for a general release it’s looking likely that Windows 9 will launch in 2015.

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