A few months back Microsoft announced support and subsequently released drivers for the Xbox One controller so that it worked just like the Xbox 360 controller on the PC. This was a welcome addition to PC players who also owned an Xbox One as they could make the most of all of the forty-odd improvements that the new Xbox One controller boasts. All they needed was a microUSB cable and a few seconds to download the drivers and they were on their way – oh and an Xbox One controller.

For those who stick solely to PC gaming, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has unveiled a brand new wired controller specifically for Windows. It’s the same controller that Xbox One players know and love but it’s been specifically designed to support Windows 7 and 8 and instead of coming with batteries, it comes with a USB cable so it can be used right out of the box. Even better news is that it can also be used with an Xbox One too either wirelessly after plonking some batteries in it, or via the cable itself.

Here’s the full feature-set:

  • Immersive gaming: With impulse triggers, weapons, crashes and jolts come to life. This only works in supported games, and only on the Xbox One.
  • Precision controls: The D-pad recognizes both sweeping and directional movements, the thumbstick offers better grip and accuracy, and the triggers and bumpers have been redesigned for quick access.
  • Better ergonomics: The Xbox One controller fits a wider range of hand sizes for a more comfortable gaming experience.
  • Connect to your PC or Xbox: A single controller for two killer platforms. Use wired with a PC via a free USB port, or connect to your Xbox One either wired or wirelessly.
  • More compatibility: Compatible with Kinect for Xbox One, Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, and the Xbox One Chat Headset

The controller is set to arrive in November this year for a price of $59.95

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All they've done is pull out the wireless components and call it optimisation. Give me a wireless adapter, don't tell me that not doing so is doing me a favour.
I'll wait for the steam controller or a wireless adapter for XBone controller.

Aaron Richardson

Hey joobleblob.

This controller is actually just a Wireless Xbox One controller bundled with the cable from the Play and Charge kit. No components have been removed from the controller so it can still be used as a wireless controller on your Xbox One.


if that's the case then how does this new product differ to the standard Xbox One controller connected with play and charge kit? The kit is just USB to microUSB cable, that's been available from release.
This is nothing new, just new marketing for an existing product. Why have you run this article?

Aaron Richardson

The product itself doesn’t differ in all honestly other than the convenience of having a controller that PC gamers can use right out of the box without having to find a microUSB cable or purchase an additional Play and Charge kit that they won’t be able to fully use due to the lack of wireless compatibility at present. You’re also incorrect about it being available from release, it was a far few weeks, perhaps even months before Microsoft provided the drivers for Xbox One owners to use their controller on PC and even then it had a fair few limitations.… Read more »


No one has been complaining about the lack of a wired controller without a removable connector. Everyone has been complaining about the lack of a wireless adapter for pc.

A bundle pack is not a new product.

I have trouble believing that you actually think this is news. I'm not saying you were paid to advertise this, just wondering if maybe its been a slow news week…