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Among all the games at EGX this year, one that I looked forward to a lot was Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a glorified cops and robbers, what the hell isn’t there to be excited about!? Before I got to play, as I stood in the queue one of the stewards came over to myself and 3 other people. He told us what game we would be playing and the general objective, it was pretty simple.

The mission was to hold certain vehicles for as long as possible whilst the other team did the same. I was put on the team of the Criminals and we would be going against the Police. The vehicles in question we’re an orangy-yellow colour so it stood out easily. Now, it wasn’t just cars. In the game there was saloon cars, motorbikes, vans and even a diesel tanker. I never actually saw a van painted in the objective colours but I suspect there was one floating around the map somewhere as there was one of everything else.

The map was a swamp like area with construction taking place in the middle of it. The middle area had concrete pipes, a crane and some half built buildings, a lot of traffic would pass through here. Around the outside of the map was a ‘new road’ like a half built highway that at certain points had ramps created by construction equipment. Small rivers we’re dotted around the area and there was also a residential area. very similar to a trailer park.

I managed to fight off enemies to get one of the cars needed in the game and drove around the map avoiding being attacked. Two other team members spawned in the vehicle with me for protection, which when looking in the 3rd person view whilst driving the car looked very, very cool. The enemy eventually caught up to us in a van and ran us off the road enough for them to get out their vehicle and kill us, allowing them to hold the car now.

At this point the game was still pretty even.

When I respawned I did so on the back of a bike, a normal bike with the man in control evidently on a mission. He was chasing down  a car and clearly needed my help so I did what any team-mate would do and emptied as much ammo into the car up ahead. I managed to kill the driver and the car came to a stop. It stopped on the highway, on a bridge going over one of the small water networks. As we approached the car so did three of the enemy team. The motorbike driver managed to kill two and then was killed himself and I killed the last one, allowing me to drive the car and score some valuable points for our team.

We were now taking the lead, as the rest of our team had occupied the remaining vehicles.

My plan was to keep moving, so as I drove through the construction area I was met with a very dramatic and Hollywood style explosion that killed me and destroyed the car I was driving. Some clever sod had cottoned on to the fact that the path through that area was the prime place to set up explosives. Clever guy.

The game continued with our team in the lead with the other team just trailing slightly.

Sneaky picture from BF: Hardline. Shhh
Sneaky picture from BF: Hardline. Shhh

The other team had managed to get hold of the diesel tanker, which as you can expect was neither fast or very good at maneuvering. But it had brute force on its side. As I watched it fly by me I got the nearest vehicle possible to chase it. A van. I wasn’t the only person on my team to think to do the same, as I caught up with it a bike was already chasing it, that was until the tanker veered into it and killed the poor guy riding it. He kind of deserved it though especially saying as no one was on the back shooting. I got close to the tanker and tried to ‘fishtail’ it at the back. No luck. I tried to smash into the side of it. No luck. It was at that point as I backed off it slightly that someone spawned in the van beside me. They knew what they had to do! They shot at the tyres and then at the tank until it was on fire. Seeing the fire the driver of the tanker jumped out so I ran him over. It was truly glorious.

It wasn’t long after my run in with a semi (weeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaayyyyy) that the game ended. We were declared the winners of the match and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Battlefield: Hardline was for me the best game I played at EGX. It was a brilliant game, the thought of cops and robbers is something that most people enjoy. It’s a timeless classic. Now realised in the world of Battlefield adding immense graphics, large team games, and excellent mission types with obviously a large helping of explosions!

To me this game would be great if you got a bunch of friends together online and played but you could also have fun alone if that’s what you fancied.

I wholeheartedly recommend Battlefield: Hardline to each and every one of you. I’ll be raving to my friends to get it and I suggest you do the same!

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