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It’s that time of the year again where tens of thousands of gamers descend on London’s Earls Court for Eurogamer Expo, or EGX London as it’s now known. This year marks my third visit and in the coming days you can expect to read my initial thoughts, reviews and opinions on the games I’ve played. First up Far Cry 4.

I managed to get into the show floor early on Friday, which is only a good thing and everytime I go through the doors I’m asked, what first? This is probably the toughest decision of the day because you know whatever you pick other things are gonna get busy whilst your playing your first choice. My first destination was Kyrat or Far Cry 4, whatever.

The demo was set where we’ve seen most of the demos. You know that walled village type thing? Where two players jump on the helicopter? Well there we’re no two player elements here, so I did what any self respecting person would do and jumped on an elephant. Although one of the Ubisoft people showing off the game urged me to shoot it. I was tempted. I climbed on the elephant and smashed through the gates of the village where I was greeted with gun fire. Completely understandable, I’d have done the same!

Dem hair curls doe...
Dem hair curls doe…

Once I got my bearings and spotted a couple of enemies, though they were quite difficult to spot at times, I shot a few and then the unthinkable happened. Ol’ Nelly tipped over, she was killed. We may of only known each other for the briefest of times but she was a trooper to the end. As I wiped the tears obviously running down my face, I was getting fired at once again. I ran for cover, did the classic Far Cry heal thing where you remove a bullet from you arm with the butter knife from breakfast and continue like nothing happened. I ran around like a headless chicken for the most part and as I turned the corner I caught two shotgun shells to the chest and died.

I respawned and tried the same tactic again, this time using Nelly Version 2.0 This Time It’s Personal as a weapon. We flipped a few cars, flung a few enemies, and split an apple or two. Once we had a second to ourselves I let her run around the village causing mayhem on her own, as I got some height in a building to shoot some fools. As soon as the first bullet shot someone they were on to me. It didn’t take long for reinforcements to arrive and flipping Nelly V 2.0 This Time It’s Personal was nowhere to be seen so I can only assume she was dead somewhere. It didn’t take long for a shit load of enemies to kill me.

Last try! I respawned and told the Nellynator to piss off as I went around the rear of the village to the back door. Ooo, saucy. Upon arriving I found the gates ajar so that I could enter sneakily. Instead I pulled out the biggest LMG known to grace any game ever and fired one bullet at an unknown enemy. And I only went and missed… This, like last time brought the party so I ran to cover up some stairs into a hut, killed one enemy and took his assault rifle. Killed a few guys, didn’t see the guy in the building beside me who was slowly killing me. I died. I am an idiot. Loved the game though.

Far Cry 4 is a real looker people. Like all the Far Cry games actually, it’s full of beautiful landscapes. Granted I didn’t get to see loads. But what I did see was gorgeous. The town where the gun fights took place was multi-leveled. So if you manage to get the high ground you’re in with a fighting chance. get caught with the enemies firing down on top of you and your screwed.

Graphics of the game are great, the little details they add in like the mounted machine gun letting off steam as the bullets stray in every which way direction was brilliant and just added to the immersive feel. Wood splintering as bullets hit it. And the fires sounds crazy, but the fires in Far Cry have always floated my boat. Far Cry 4 was no different. Blowing up cars, and watching them flip over on to their side is very satisfying.

I have no doubt there was a better way to tackle this walled village. I bet there was a way to even surprise the enemies more than just stomping though on an elephant.

I played Far Cry 4 on the PS4 and would recommend it to everyone. A great game, that when played ‘properly’ will only be greater!

Stay tuned for more EGX posts coming soon. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below! If you were at EGX did you tackle the situation differently?

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