If you’ve always wondered if you’d be any good at playing an MMO or even if you’re not sure that you would like the style, then one style you could try is Guild Wars 2, but don’t worry about spending any money as ArenaNet is giving you the opportunity to try it out for free.

Before EGX, I never had the opportunity to play an MMO like Guild Wars. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I just didn’t have a PC capable of being able to play these sorts of games. However, Guild Wars 2 has now changed this. After playing it for what I thought was 10 minutes at EGX London and it turning out to be 40, it has convinced me to get the proper equipment to be able to play the game without any lag or compromising on the visual quality of the game..

Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic starting point for MMO gameplay. The game was instantly easy to pick up the controls and the graphics looked amazing. Guild Wars 2 has been around for a couple of years now but they are still developing the game and making it better with each update as part of their “Living World.”

Steve Fowler, Head of Global Marketing for ArenaNet said to me at EGX London this weekend, “There are two things that initially pull people in. First is just the beauty of the game, we have an extremely talented creative director, Daniel Dociu. It is a very hand crafted field and is quite different to some of our competitors. But when you start getting into the mechanics of the game play, I think that there are two core features that really stand out.

”One is that our game rewards exploration. It is not very similar to other role playing games, where you go into a city and you stock up on a load of quests, complete them and then go back to the quest initiator. We put you into a world that is beautiful and you can walk in any direction and things will happen. Random events will happen at different points in time all over the world and depending on whether you choose to participate in them makes a different to the story and the world around you.

“Secondly, the combat mechanics. Widely seen as being the best currently available. It is much more dynamic, fast paced and more like and action game on a console. Simple things like the ability to dodge.”

guild wars 2

So choose your character, choose your speciality and start playing a game that never ends and only evolves. There are two styles of environments, player V environment and player v player. There is also now a world v world option, where online battles between 3 different servers allow up to 150 players on each server to battle for ultimate supremacy over forts, castles and more.

The game itself has a huge open world where everyone works together to bring down enemies, explore dungeons and level up characters and because the creators of Guild Wars 2 have created a “living world” everything is changing all the time. Fowler explained this, saying: “Think about it like it is episodic television, where Game of Thrones adds a new story to their law and their chapter every week.”

There is currently a free trial available to download which will remain free until October 1 and then they have a 50% off sale available until October 5. Unlike many MMOs, there is no subscription fee for this game so once you have it, you never have to pay again.

Guild Wars 2 is worth a try, and especially with a free trial there is nothing to lose.

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