EGX London introduced many people to new and different ways of gaming whether that was gamers just trying something different that caught their eye or them going off to find something that they had already heard about.

Team 17 have backed many new and upcoming games this year including Overruled! The multiplayer game where everything changes all of the time. AJ, the CEO at Dlala studios, told n3 how they came up with a very different idea.

The game is about adapting to new changes and competing against your friends and other online players to win the most points. “The rules are always changing,” AJ said. “Every 30 seconds they change, it might be ‘King of the Hill’ one moment where you get you get points for standing in a certain area, and then 30 seconds later it might be ‘Fire Tamer’ where one person is on fire and everyone else will get points and you have to transfer the fire by punching someone.” Players can also change the rules of the game while they are playing by using changer cards. Once a card is picked up, the player can use this whenever they want within that game.

AJ admitted that they came up with the idea by fluke. They had a meeting and didn’t realise that they were pitching a game rather than just speaking to a publisher. They thought of a card game like flux or switch and pitched this video game where no rules stay the same for long. The team quickly realised that this wasn’t just a throw-away idea but they actually really had something and decided to run with it. Five days later, they had created a prototype and became obsessed with it.


There is also a single play campaign which is designed as a puzzle or a race and there is a different campaign for different character, so there is loads to do. There are nine playable character, 54 playable levels on single player campaigns, six different changer cards and seven different game modes.

Overruled is a fun, energetic and chaotic game which can be found on Steam for around £9.99 and will be released as a boxed game for the Xbox One and PS4 early next year.

Early access is also available with this game from Steam. “Community is so important,” said AJ. “We have been making big changes based on the feedback that we have already received. Some people are a bit edgy about doing early access but what you get now in early access could well be what the final product is. We just want to add more to it and we want to do that with community feedback.”

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