There were more game designers than you could shake a stick at, at EGX this year and all of them were refreshing with new ideas and new games that are just being released or are still in development. n3 got to speak to Teun Westenenk, the designer for Penarium to find out what was going on with this entertaining arcade style game.

Penarium is about a boy called Willy, who was really excited to go to the circus for the first time but when he gets there, he accidental joins the wrong line and becomes part of the act rather than being in the audience. Teun Westenenk, told n3 “The game is 2D and you have to run and jump to collect barrels. While Willy is collecting barrels there are all kinds of weapons that are coming along, trying to kill you. And the game will get increasingly harder the longer that you survive.”

Currently there are three levels, each more difficult than the last with different music and graphics. Westenenk said that they may add more levels later but are currently concentrating on the campaign mode at the moment. “We are going to add a campaign mode that will allow players to unlock the next level. So you start with one level which is very basic and there is the circus director who looks at you evilly and he will explain to you how the game works.

“The campaign mode will really teach you all of the tactics for the game which will really prepare you for the arcade mode.”

Penarium is expected to be released early next year on steam and is good for one of those addictive games that you just have to beat.Penarium


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