NBA 2K15 Cover

I love the NBA, I love the Celtics. I loved the Big Three. God I miss those days!

Anyway, less reminiscing. At EGX London this year I managed to get a seat at one of the quieter games, NBA 2K15. It wasn’t quiet because it’s not a good game, it was quiet because the PS4 area had screens for it too. Anyway, my girlfriend, Rebecca asked for a game on 2K15 and obviously she’s an idiot because she does not know of my previous NBA 2K prowess. Fool.

We selected our teams, I was the Boston Celtics and she chose the Chicago Bulls. We hit ready and waited. And waited, and then waited a little longer. The game wasn’t playing and there were no stewards about to help us. I went back to the main menu and tried again and this time it worked. As it loaded I explained the controls to the rookie beside me. Will I go easy on her, that’s what your thinking? HA, no I will not. This is about glory! The match started and even after just recently playing 2K14 you can see visual improvements straight away. The players are better than ever, more detailed and move more fluidly. Like their real life counter parts. The crowd looked fantastic too, sometimes on sports games, you tend to write off the crowds as for so long they’ve just been repetitive 2D renders clapping and standing up at the same time. Not this time, they looked great.

As the game progressed, the game got moving. Rebecca picked up the controls pretty fast and was getting some good baskets. Passing the ball and waiting for me to mess up, that’s my girl. I, on the other hand, I was knocking out crossovers like they were going out of fashion, but there’s a problem with that. When you play with someone who doesn’t quite get the game, they can’t really be tricked. They kind of just stay in one place marking you. So I had to adopt the Rebecca play style.

We only played till the end of the second quarter, to give others a chance. You know, because we’re good gamers.

NBA 2K14 was a brilliant game, I’ve always been a big fan of the 2K games and this is one is no different. Improved on last years outing, with better visuals and movements, which are two important aspects when playing a game like NBA 2k15.

Stay tuned for more from EGX 2014!

Oh yeah! The final score? 34 – 14. The Celtics win in probably this decade’s most important match. Well… maybe not.

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