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It’s official, ‘phablets’ have officially become a ‘thing,’ no longer are they a specialist type of phone reserved for those who feel they need a phone the size of a fun-pack cereal box to make them feel more superior than other techophiles. I say this as someone who owned the original Samsung Galaxy Note too, I thought I was king when I had that giant smartphone in my hand no matter how unmanageable it was, until somehow the giant phablet blinkers wore off. Now however, as I sit here with my first generation Moto X, I’ve started to notice that the phablet has become something of a ‘thing’ now Apple have released the iPhone 6 Plus, but will it last?

I’m writing this as someone who’s been on both sides of the fence, before owning my Note I thought it was ridiculous, I didn’t see the point, I was a naive about the whole thing and thought that it’d never catch on until one day I decided to get the Note (don’t ask me why). When the phone arrived I thought I was a smartphone king. Not only could I watch videos on the Note’s 5.3-inch screen and actually see the contents of the video, I could also make calls, though I was often ridiculed for doing so because the phone itself was so massive.

Somehow though, the Note became normal sized for me and every other phone felt microscopic in comparison. I’d officially started wearing my own set of phablet blinkers. I had that phone for a good year until I started to realise how un-practical it was for me and I started to prefer holding the smaller phones I was reviewing instead of this giant monstrosity. I’d also some how become affected by the ridicule I received every time I literally pulled my phone out of my pocket. I hadn’t caved under the pressure of the usual “My God, how big?” and “Your phone’s massive, haha!” comments, I’d actually started to accept the jokes and began to crack them myself, I soon noticed how silly I looked holding what is effectively a slab of Cadbury’s chocolate up to my ear.


Once I’d made the switch to something a little more manageable I was happy once again. Going from the Note to the Nexus 4 then to the Moto X, I was more comfortable with smaller devices, I felt a part of the club again and not something out of a Dom Joly sketch. That was until more recently. Samsung are currently set to release their fourth generation Note, Apple have just released the iPhone 6 Plus, and now rumours are pointing at Google and Motorola launching the Nexus X which may have a 5.92-inch screen. Phablets are becoming cool, the general consumer are now more receptive to larger screens thanks to, in part, Apple and the iPhone 6 Plus.

As an ex-Phablet user I feel bitter. Those who once gauped at me for having such a large phone are queueing for hours to get their own fun sized cereal box to play with. They’re now considered “cool” and they’ve quickly become a ‘thing’. Whether or not the larger device will start to out weigh smaller and more manageable phones remains to be seen, personally I think it’s unlikely as I now truly believe that a phone with a screen any larger than say.. 5.5-inches may seem good at first, but it may soon become something you’ll regret.

Rant aside, what are your thoughts on companies like Apple hopping on the phablet bandwagon? Are you an original adopter of phablets, or is the thought of carrying a phone the size of a nice slice of ham probably the last thing you’d want to do?

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