Almost every exclusive Xbox One launch title has now made its way to PC with the latest addition being Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome which is set to bring action-packed Roman battles to keyboard and mouse wielders on October 10. The game is set to come with all of the games DLC as well as 4K resolution support, but Crytek are omitting one thing from the game which can still be found in the Xbox One edition: Microtransactions. Thanks, Crytek.

It seems no one is much of a fan of Microtransactions unless it’s to purchase extra lives in Diamond Digger Saga (which I’m currently not obsessed with..) and when it was discovered in Ryse: Son of Rome, some people weren’t happy. These microtransactions came in the form of Booster Packs which came with armor items for multiplayer which could be purchased with real world, or in game currency, the former being the quickest option, of course. But when it launches on PC, there’ll be none.

Neither Microsoft or Crytek commented on why the microtransactions would be omitted, perhaps because no one actually purchased them as the game didn’t exactly win awards when it launched last November.

Ryse: Son of Rome launches on PC on October 10.

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