There comes a time where some developers really can’t be bothered with a system, it’s a very sad time for those still committed to that system and usually means that the system in question is either too old, or just isn’t successful enough for the developer to justify the extra time and money spent developing for that system. Ubisoft is one of those developers and the Wii U is the system in question here as they’ve revealed that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs won’t be receiving any DLC for the game.

Ubisoft have already stated a number of times that the Wii U needs a better install base before they consider bringing other core AAA games to the system, but in order to do that the system needs decent games for people to commit to the console itself. Sadly the Wii U is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and developers like Ubisoft aren’t making the situation any easier.

This week saw the release of the latest DLC for Watch Dogs entitled Bad Blood which will offer players the chance to explore one of the games characters, T-Bone, in more depth. It’s currently available for Season Pass holders to download and will be released to everyone else a little later, except on Wii U when Watch Dogs launches Nintendo’s latest home console on November 21. Ubisoft announced this news earlier this week saying simply, “No, the WiiU version will not have the DLC.”

That doesn’t mean the Wii U won’t be getting other DLC in the future, but it seems unlikely.

Sadly the Wii U seems to be getting a lot of developers deciding to hold back content as well as refusing to develop for the console. This is a pretty rough time for the Wii U.

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