The latest of the horse racing management games, Starters Orders 6 has been released and will be demoing at EGX London later this month with Oculus Rift support for the first time.

The game works on the same basis as a football manager game, the player gets to train, ride, bet and breed their own racehorses in open ended simulation of horse racing revolving around form analysis, betting, race sequences, training the horse to win and the ability to ride your own horse at different racecourses around the world.

Since Starters Orders 5, there have been improvements made to both the 3D Race sequences and the menu functions. There are now additional abilities to watch slow motion finishes,  experience new jockey controls, different camera options that alter the race view and smoother and more realistic movement from the horse and jockey together.

The game also now supports a full screen mode, the horses name database is now separated into male and female displays, that ability to have up to 150 horses which is 50 more than in the previous game as well as many others upgrades.

Starters Orders 6 has been released as a BETA trial on the PC and is expected to follow onto Apple Mac and mobile phones next year. It has recently been voted by as being “the best horse racing game ever.”

EGX London is being held in Earls Court 25th – 28th September, but Starting Orders 6 will also be demoed at Play Expo in Manchester next month.

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