So a day came like no other, The Avengers were gone and it was up to the moral compass for the DC Universe to call on his counterparts to counter an evil no other hero could withstand. That day the Supermen Avengers were born. But who stars in this collective of super-men? Well I’ll tell you.

This collective of Supermen aren’t just different super-men from different universes, this is a collection of super-men that each have unique abilities to make this team of super heroes almost unbeatable! So who do I think should be a part of this super-man roster?

Brandon Routh as Superman: I liked Superman Returns, pretty much. That’s right, it doesn’t make me less of a geek, because I still like the original two (Superman 3 and IV were classed as non-cannon for this film). Routh’s Superman is brand and un-ashamed reminder of what superheroes were like prior to the 90’s with Spawn and the Mullet Superman held onto.

Goku the cultural counterpart of Superman: I know most of the Sayian Saga basically acted as a recon when Dragon Ball Z began but is he borrowed the Great Sayiman’s cape Goku could easily impersonate the Man of Steel. The son of a dead race, the superpowers and the good heart. That sounds like the man red and blue to  to me.

Steel: Steel is like Ironman crossed with Superman. That sentence should be enough to justify his place on this team. John Henry Irons was a construction worker that was saved by Superman and inspired him to build his own suit of armour and fight for the same sense of truth and justice Superman did.

A turned-good Cyborg Superman: Cyborg’s are cool, maybe that could help make Superman cool. In general I kind of think they get a bad rap. Look at The Borg, The Cybermen and most of the Terminator. All are portrayed as mechanical monster. Surely a good slap to the head or a software patch would turn the demented robotic astronaut Hank Henshaw good?

Green Lantern Superman: You want overpowered and here it is. All the strength with the demi-god whose been given a weapon that can serve any of his creative whims. That my friends is the real definition of powered.

Have I missed anyone out? Comment below and tell me who else should have made the cut!

The statue for Liberty
The statue for Liberty

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