Ubisoft have just announced Watch Dogs Bad Blood a new piece of DLC for the game. Bad Blood will feature T Bone, an eccentric hacker that players meet in the original campaign.

Watch Dogs follows Aiden Pierce a former cyber criminal who ends up on the wrong side of some very bad people. After an attempt on his life results in the death of his niece, Aiden sets out to take down some of Chicago’s major players. Watch Dogs Bad Blood will follow T Bone through 10 new missions as he infiltrates Blume one last time to plant a false trail in their system, before he can escape an old friend who is also attempting to escape contacts him. T Bone becomes suspicious as friends story doesn’t add up, Is he trying to set up T Bone?

Bad Blood will also introduce Street Sweep contracts that will be playable both single player and co-op, a first for the series. The DLC will also include new weapons, outsfits and Eugene, T Bones latest invention, the remote control car from the trailer.


Watch Dogs Bad Blood will be available on the 23rd of September for any one with the season pass and the 30th of September for everyone else. In our review we gave Watch Dogs 4.2 out of 5 saying “Watch Dogs is one of the best current-gen games available at the moment. While the story isn’t that strong the rest of the game makes up for it.”

T Bone was a far more interesting character than Aiden so hopefully Bad Blood will be better in the story department.

Are you going to be giving Bad Blood ago or have you become bored with Watch Dogs? Let us know in the comments.

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