Russian Front

Everyone knows that the worst place to be is in front of a Russian. Standing behind them is fine, but in front of them? It’s like crossing a black cats path, or something. It’s pretty bad, I think.

Anyway, Electric Rune and HexWar released their new game Russian Front a couple of days ago. It’s a WWII-themed strategy game that opens in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa and follows the German/Russian conflict through to it’s finale; German failure. The main campaign is a weighty 108 turns long, but shorter operations (16 turns) are available should you wish for a quick strategy fix.


Players will have to negotiate factors oft ignored by contemporary strategy games, such as the effect of weather on your troops, and the importance of maintaining and disrupting supply lines, as well as all the usual conflict business – expect tanks, vehicles, guns, explosions, all the goodness! Russian Front it’s currently available on PC, Mac and – randomly – Kindle Fire HD (you can play games on a Kindle now? Seriously?). An iPad version of the game is expected to be released next month.

Russian Front is published by Hunted Cow.

Russian Front


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