In July my wife and I took a much needed break to Paris. Without going into too much detail (I mean, who wants to hear about our holiday, really?) on the way home, some French pillock decided to stick the wrong luggage label onto our suitcase causing it to get placed on a completely incorrect flight to Manchester. Needless to say we were annoyed – if only there was a way to be alerted when the suitcase became a little too out of rage letting us know exactly where it was? Well if this IndieGoGo campaign for the Bluesmart carry-on suitcase is a success, there soon will be.

Simply put, the Bluesmart carry-on is a ‘smart suitcase’ for lack of a better word. The entire suitcase has been built to suit the modern traveller with various features including a smartphone activated lock, a battery pack for charging devices, easy to access pockets for our laptops and tablets, a built in scale and much, much more.

The Bluesmart connects with your smartphone enabling different features that no other suitcase offers such as an intelligent way to protect our gadgets with a digital lock that’s controlled by our smartphones, the suitcase also locks up when it’s out of our proximity to so you’ll know that no one can get access to it and if they do, you’ll also be notified. You can also share access with anyone you trust, and the lock itself is TSA Travel Sentry approved too – whatever that means..

With the Bluesmart, you’ll never have to nervously walk towards the check-in desk wondering whether you’d packed too many souvenirs again because the suitcase also weighs itself, just grab the handle and lift it up and the smartphone app will tell you whether you’ve packed too much foreign chocolate.

But what if your paired smartphone runs out of battery whilst on the flight? Well fortunately, the carry-on also has a built in battery which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, whether it is your smartphone, tablet or ebook, at the same time. The developers also claim that the battery will enable you to recharge your smartphone six times over.

The suitcase offers much more too such as proximity alerts so you’ll know whether your suitcase goes walk-about and if you do happen to lose it you’ll be able to track it every step of the way too with the suitcases Bluesmart Network which the developers hope will get worldwide coverage as the network expands. And for those of you who love statistics and tend to jetset around the world more than once every year or so, you’ll be pleased to know that the Bluesmart app has a built-in tracker showing you the miles travelled, airports visited, time per country, and more.

Bluesmart is currently seeking $50,000 on IndieGoGo in order to fund the development of the Bluesmart Carry-on and if this is something you want to grab for yourself, if you’re quick you can grab a Bluesmart case for $195, but be quick as these are limited to 200 units, following that you’ll need to shell out $235. The case, if funded, is expected to land in August 2015 at an RRP of $450.

If this is something that interests you head to the IndieGoGo page here. If I were one to travel a lot, this is something I’d certainly like in my possession, in fact, I might become a jet-setter so I can make use of this.

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Armin Polvich
Armin Polvich

There are no weight limits on carryon and you carry your luggage with you everywhere so why do I need to track it or scale? Why is the case so heavy not practical. I do not see a warranty? Every company offers a warranty what if the electronics to not work or break? I also I did some research and they claim they are “the worlds first” but it looks to me they copied this idea from bags2go?

see below link: