Edge of the Spider-verse continues and this week we look at Aaron Aikman, AKA Spider-man of yet another parallel universe. In this issue our story is inspired by Tokusatsu, the Japanese genre for live action superheroes and heavy special effects.

Aaron Aikman is a great scientist who splices his DNA with that of a spider giving him the powers of a spider, naturally. Equipped with a high-tech suit which grants him the ability to leap further and fire webbing Aaron became Spider-man.

After beginning his superhero career by taking down Redeye, a deranged astronaut who has the ability to control winds, more villains rose up. His biggest nemesis to date was Naamurah, a woman which resembles the Green Goblin and the only villain to date to beat Spider-man. The reason Aaron must capture her is to find out why she has kidnapped almost a 100 people.

After improving his webbing to make it harder for Naamurah to escape, Aaron encounters a face from the past: Dr. Kaori Ikegami, a brilliant scientist who put aside her career to cure Hannah, her daughter  who is in a vegetative state after she was hit by a car.

Aaron hasn’t seen Kaori since she pushed him away mysteriously rejecting his help with Hannah. After a bizarre embrace Kaori less flustered and angry, Aaron pushes this aside and goes on patrol.

After working out Naamurah’s pattern Aaron encounters her mid-way through a kidnapping.  He then goes onto discover that this isn’t Naamurah, but it’s actually one of the kidnapped victims and after an analysis Aaron recognises the robotic technology Naamurah uses – He tracks it all back Kaori.

Aaron confronts her and she reveals that during her attempts to cure Hannah she turned into Naamurah and there is nothing of Hannah left behind. She then goes on to reveal all the kidnapped victims have been let loose on the city for the next wave.

Aaron leaves her to put a stop to Naamurah once and for all, but he encounters what appears to be Morlun or one of the Victorian dressed dimension hopping vampires who hunt the Spider-men and women of the multiverses.

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