We’ve seen just about everything there is to see about Driveclub, the cars, the tracks, the PlayStation Plus Edition, but what we haven’t really experienced is the games crashes, something that’ll likely happen a lot if you’re a terrible driver like me. Usually when you crash, you’ll have a bit of a knock and be back on your way, in Driveclub it’s a little different, especially if you’re in the games first person view, it’s actually pretty terrifying and will likely make you think twice about thrashing that corner too hard.

In a new short clip from SIEFE, you can get a quick look at what crashing is like in Evolution Studios’ upcoming racer. The video above shows you that not only will the car get visually damaged as you barrel roll down the hill, your virtual head will also go every which way despite trying to keep in control of the vehicle. To make things even creepier, there’s a lone bystander just watching as the Audi R8 comes to a halt. Creepy.

Driveclub launches on October 7 (that’s tomorrow), and I’m awfully tempted to grab a PlayStation 4..

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