If you love Candy Crush you will love Diamond Digger, the next episode from King games.

Like Candy Crush, Diamond Digger is easy to learn. Just click on groups of three or more of the same colour diamond to dig a tunnel and help Diggy get the water to the exit whilst completing challenges along the way. Challenges involve things like making sure to collect enough toys, wake up enough fireflies or even drop a totem pole onto a switch to open up the exit.

The game certainly makes you think about what you need to do and what move you should take next. Visually the animation is very good but you would expect nothing less from the people who brought your Candy Crush, Papa Pear and Farm Heroes Saga.

Diamond Digger is more like Pet Rescue than Candy Crush when we look at the gameplay mechanics, rather than swiping to make three in a row you just remove groups of three or more diamonds that are already connected with an aim of getting something to the bottom of the screen. Having said that, Diamond Digger is much better than Pet Rescue.

diamind digger

The game, as always, starts off nice and easy and becomes addictive very quickly but then it all changes. If you are one of those people who are still playing Candy Crush way up into the 300 or more levels then it is a great game, but if you like me and get annoyed and bored with it after a couple of hundred levels then maybe Diamond Digger is not the game for you.

To start with the game is logical as to how you complete the levels. This is good because it means that it is something that can be worked out. Just like in solitaire, if you really thought about your move then there was a solution in every attempt, you just had to find it. However, the further along you get in the game, the less logical it becomes and the more it has to be left to chance to get the correct colour to be able to complete the level.

It is available as an app on your phone or playable on Facebook. It has been picked up before with King games that it is sometimes easier to complete a level when you play the game through Facebook than it is to play it as an app on your phone. So if you ever get stuck on a level, log onto your laptop and give it a go. So far it has worked for me every time. Something that’s fine for those who are happy to login to Facebook, not so for those who don’t.

With it being available on iOS and Android it is a great game to have downloaded in case you are ever stuck on a train in a queue or you just bored and hanging around. Even though there is a storyline to the game it is not very present in it like you have in Candy Crush. But download it and give it a go. At the end of the day it is free with the option of paying money for lives if you really feel the need to.


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