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Things haven’t really been going well for Sony’s next-generation racer, DriveClub, as server woes have continued to disrupt online play for countless players who have tried to access the games multiplayer features. Today marks the release of the game in Europe and Sony have already warned players that disruption may continue as they run diagnostics on the servers to determine the cause of the current problems.

DriveClub launched in North America on Tuesday but since then things haven’t been going great for the racer which relies on Internet connectivity to pull leaderboard scores as well as letting players compete against each other. Things have been going too bad that Sony has decided to postpone the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game until the full-game becomes more stable. This has caused several reports to circulate stating that Sony have working on an one-out one-in policy, but that’s just not the case.

“The servers are up and running but they are hitting their performance limits, so they won’t accept new connections until one of the current online players frees up their space (allowing another to join in their place, which happens automatically and player selection is random),” simply put, there aren’t any queues, there’s just a limit on the server meaning that players connect out of sheer luck, not in order.

So if you’re hoping to hop online in DriveClub today, you could be waiting for some time, and even then your experience might not be stable!

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