The past week since DriveClub launched in the US has been a fairly rocky one. For a week now players have been struggling to access the games multiplayer mode as Sony and Evolution Studios struggle to keep their servers running due to the sheer amount of people trying to get online. As a result the developer disabled many of the online functions such as Leaderboards and Clubs, as well as Sony putting a hold on the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game. Thankfully it all seems to be slowly getting sorted as the developers are reactivating some of the online features and prepare to roll out a server update to make things a little more stable.

“Continual upgrades to the DriveClub servers are building a steady increase in performance, meaning that we’re getting more and more players connected,” Evolution Studios wrote on their Facebook page. “The next server update is coming within 24 hours and will mean we can start to switch on more of the online features, so that you will be able to play more of DRIVECLUB online. We are sorry that we don’t have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow.”

Since launch people have struggled to access the online services as servers buckled under the load. This was unexpected by Evolution Studios who did various beta tests and none of these problems arose. Because of this the company are considering some form of compensation for those affected by these issues.

It’s nice to see that Evolution Studios are being transparent about it all and are keeping everyone updated on the situation, those reaching out to the developers frustrated by the issues are also being surprisingly civil. I guess it pays to be nice.

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