driveclub 4

If you were one of many people to grab the PlayStation 4 exclusive next-gen racer from Evolution Studios last week you’ve probably been as frustrated as many with the games currently unstable multiplayer functions. Though the developers have recently released a patch for the game the servers still remain unstable, so much so that Evolution Studios are pondering compensating those effected.

Along with online multiplayer the games leaderboards and Clubs, two key features in the game, have been disabled as Evolution continue to keep the game stable. Sony has also indefinitely delayed the stripped-down PlayStation Plus version of the game too as they concentrate on making things better.

As things continue to remain unstable Evolution Studios have revealed that they’re surprised by the way things have turned out and that this was “unexpected.”

“We ran a beta test and none of these issues occurred, we had confidence everything was ready,” game director Paul Rustchynsky said on Twitter. “These issues were unexpected.” Following this he Rustchynsky was asked whether the developers were considering compensating those affected, he said that “we’re considering all of our options right now.”

DriveClub launched last week on PlayStation 4.

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