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If this were any other title than The Sims 4 the headline of this article would seem a lot more exciting, but in a matter of fact if EA could just release a patch to include pools, why didn’t they do that in the first place? It seems a bit silly to me. Anyway, EA announced last night during a Twitch live-stream their patch release plans for the latest release in The Sims title, The Sims 4. Along with the addition of Pools patches are set to include ghosts, Star Wars costumes, and much more.

We finally uploaded our The Sims 4 review last night and one of the main peeves Robin had with the game was the omission of  Pools, for those in the same boat as he, you’ll be pleased to know Pools are coming, but not until November. When EA revealed that The Sims 4 would not include Pools or Toddlers it was met with fan outcry and worries that EA would package up a swimming pool update in a premium expansion. Fortunately that’s not the case as Pools will be coming for free! There’s still no toddlers though..

Last night EA announced the following would be coming to The Sims 4

  • Ghosts (available now)
  • Star Wars Costumes (available now)
  • New Gnome (available now)
  • New Eye Colors (available now)
  • Pools (November 2014)
  • Careers (December 2014)

One of the more interesting additions in the latest patch is to befriend and then control non-playable character’s ghosts. When a non-playable Sim dies – all you’ve got to do is click on their tombstone or urn and you’ll be able to befriend the character’s spirit. This then makes them a playable addition to your abode and you’ll even be able to get them to help you around the house!

Ideally we’d all like to see all future expansions and new additions to The Sims 4 to come as free patches, but that’s incredibly unlikely considering EA’s track record.

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