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The stripped-down PlayStation Plus version of Evolution Studio’s next-gen racer, DriveClub was supposed to launch on the PlayStation Network just a few days after the release of the full game last week, but since launch the game’s servers have been suffering due to the sheer amount of players trying to access the online features. As a result Evolution Studios and Sony decided to postpone the release of the PS Plus version until things were fixed.

In an update on the official DriveClub Facebook page, Evolution Studios have continued their transparency on the server issues letting players know that they are “working hard to get the PS Plus Edition of DRIVECLUB out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon.” They also noted that a new game update (v1.04) is available to download which is necessary for online play.

Evolution Studios also wrote that “more servers and new upgrades are still coming online hour-by-hour, so we expect improvements to server connectivity and reliability for everyone. We will be bringing Face-offs back into play soon.” They also warned players that server diagnostics are still running periodically to help them improve server performance and that online play may be disrupted.

Since the game launched last week, Evolution Studios has been more than transparent about the situation letting players know as soon as things start to improve and when to expect interruptions in online play. Hopefully in the coming weeks things continue to improve so people can play the game as intended.

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