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You have to love the Comixology sales sometimes, you really do. It’s just like they try to appeal to 14 year old me and Transformers. gijoetf ddv a

The 14 year old me didn’t have a lot of pocket money for comics, I could just about afford one issue of Spider-man a week. So I dedicated most of my spare time to gazing at comic book facts on various Wiki pages, making what felt a long mental list of what I’d read later in life when I had the money to do it.

One of these things on the list was the number of G.I Joe/Transformers comics that were produced during the early 2000s.

Tales which saw the likes of Duke and Snake Eyes teaming up with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Though this wasn’t just a one of thing. For these two franchises have met before.

Both being 80’s cartoons at the same time the most eagle-eyed fans notice the hints of a shared continuity. This started with the implication that the child of G.I Joe characters Flint and Lady Jaye child was a character in Transformers.

Another hint came in the form of Old Snake, an elderly arms dealer a group of Transformers bad guys dealt with who is heavily implied to be  an old and run down Cobra Commander.

I mean it could be possible that the G.I Joe films could be set in the same world as the Transformers, right?

So back on topic. In the early 2000s, the rights to publish G.I Joe and Transformers comics was batted between a number of different companies until they finally ended up in the hands of IDW who reprinted most of the crossover material.

Most of the early 2000s material followed a separate universe where G.I Joe was created to combat new enemy Cobra who had discovered an ancient spaceship full of Transformers and had enslaved.

These Transformers were a mix of Autobot and Deception and were forced to transform into many iconic Cobra vehicles. Eventually, they broke free the Autobots allied themselves with G.I Joe and because Megatron was treated so badly by Cobra Commander the Deceptions hated everyone.

If you know the continuity of either shows you’ll love the obscure references to the franchises and tries to include as much of it as possible.

Also, fans can any tell if the G.I Joe Laser Squad appeared again?

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